News From the Farm | August 15, 2016

I hope that a few photos of farm activities will give CSA members a sense of being just a little bit closer to where your fruits and veggies are coming from.  These are nothing too fancy, just simple photo-snaps taken with phone cameras by various Full Bellies as we do our work.

crew lunchSeveral times a year, Jenna and Amon and several other farm chefs put together a “crew lunch” so that we can all have a sit-down time together.  The lunch usually features Full Belly-grown products.

bringing it inDuring the busy season, melons tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant and all kinds of other delights pour into the packing shed from the fields where crews are spread out, trying to pick all the ripe products and get them out of the sun as quickly as possible.

packing cukesIn the packing shed everything is washed in ice-cold water and boxed up, ready for the trip to market.  

jose checkingJose is a key part of our truck-loading team.  In this photo, he is checking the list of products ordered by each store, against the boxes that he has organized together on individual pallets.

goats walkingNot everyone is picking and packing produce on the farm.  Every day a myriad of other activities are taking place.  For example, a team of people are taking care of the animals — moving them between paddocks, feeding them, collecting eggs, or perhaps just taking them on a walk down a farm lane!