News From the Farm | April 18, 2016

Take the Full Belly Farm Quiz!!

Answers will be provided in next week’s newsletter. If you are able to submit your answers to the quiz before Monday April 25th at 10:00, and you get the answers all correct, we will raffle your name out of a hat and the winner will get 2 free Full Belly CSA boxes!  Send your answers to:

1. How many trees are there in the 3 1/2-acre orchard that we planted at Full Belly this winter?  The tree varieties are quince, pears and peaches.

A. 250

B. 720

C. 1100

2. Which of these plants is NOT currently growing at Full Belly?

A. Bamboo

B. Hops

C. Spearmint

D. Rhubarb

3. Full Belly finished our first planting of tomatoes last week. How tall are the tomato plants one week later?

A. 6-inches and less

B. 18-inches and less

C. 3-feet and less

4. True or False:

Full Belly is past our last potential frost date.

5. How many lambs were born at Full Belly Farm this spring?

A. 89

B. 114

C. 162

6. What was the highest recorded temperature of the year as of 4/18/16 at Full Belly Farm?

A. 88 degrees fahrenheit

B. 91 degrees fahrenheit

C. 101 degrees fahrenheit

7. How many employees at Full Belly as of 4/15 (including the owners, office workers and counsellors for kids classes)?

A. 48

B. 81

C. 113

8. What direction do the strongest winds usually come from at Full Belly?

9. How many school groups will Full Belly host from January through the end of May 2016? (Note, this includes tours as well as overnight visits).

A. 18

B. 23

C. 45

10. How many acres of grain are we growing at Full Belly (wheat, oat, milo, dry corn, barley)?

A. 3

B. 15

C. 48

11. How many bunches of flowers (maximum) can we make in one busy Spring day at Full Belly Farm?

A. About 600

B. About 1,200

C. About 2,000

12. How many weddings are going to take place on Full Belly Farm in 2016?

A. 8

B. 12

C. 15