New Stop Waste CSA Box

Full Belly CSA members who didn’t get a box last week may have missed our newsletter article about the new boxes.  It is still available on the Full Belly website (  We ask that you leave these boxes at your pick-up site and do not take them home with you!

Dear Beet,

This weeks article regarding the new Stop Waste CSA Box is long overdue. Having been a long time CSA person, I (we, my family) learned very early on to bring our own reusable canvas bags. In the beginning, we found we’d forgotten to bring back our wax boxes, and would find ourselves bringing back 2, 3 or 4 at a time, and while they were returned, they often sat out in the rain, and their reuse was diminished.

We certainly have a major (although it is diminishing) land fill problem.  Not only are most urban landfills over capacity, but there is an additional carbon footprint because of the need to truck our non-recycled waste further and further.

When I was growing up on the East Coast, our waste was barged out into the Atlantic Ocean (in the 1950’s, 60’s and into the 70’s) and dumped, creating a vast waste of our ocean resources, which are still recovering today 40+ years later.  Every year we read of this beach or that beach on the east coast being closed because of biomedical waste washing ashore.

CSA members are on the cutting edge of sustaining our planet and this is one more way we can move forward.  I urge every member (100%) to do their share.

Peace, Thom Donnelly