Full Belly Farm will be closed on Thursday in Support of the Day Without Immigrants

Almost all of Full Belly’s staff chose to participate in the strike planned for Thursday February 16, in which immigrants across the country will bring attention to the importance of their work in our economy. The Day without Immigrants calls for immigrants and those who stand in unity with them, not to attend work, open their businesses or spend money.

A majority (not all) of Full Belly’s staff are immigrants or first generation immigrants. Full Belly, of course, welcomes employees of all religions and a rainbow of ethnic backgrounds. When we discovered how widespread among our staff, was the support for the protest, we were proud to support it.

The winter is a time of year when work and thus take-home pay is short, so Full Belly will provide the entire staff partial pay to compensate them for lost work on this day. We will not be taking orders from any of our regular store and restaurant customers.

We have picked products (on Wednesday) for our Thursday market, and will be attending that market in San Rafael. In addition, we will be packing CSA boxes for our Friday customers (usually packed on Thursday), but only because those customers have paid in advance.

Thank you to all of our friends, CSA members and customers for your understanding. We hope, through this symbolic effort, to show our support for immigrant communities around the world.