Dear Beet,

Shucking the beans you included in the box recently was very relaxing, as well as instructive about the meaning of the saying “as alike as two peas (beans) in a pod.”  

I am saving some of them to plant next year, and I’m wondering if you can tell me if they are bush beans or pole beans, determinate or indeterminate. Also, are they good eating as green beans?

Most of my beans are this beautiful black and white, but there was one pod containing yellow beans with an orange smile. Thank you very much!

–Cindy Fressola 

orca beans

Hi Cindy,

Thank you for writing to us.  I like the simple lessons that you drew from the Orca beans.  

These beans are an heirloom from Mexico. They are so beautiful!  We are going to grow more of them next year. We had a couple of complaints about putting something as labor intensive as shelling beans into the boxes, so it was wonderful to hear a different perspective from you. The plants are a bush variety and they are determinate. They are not meant to be eaten as green beans, but as soon as the pods fill out and the beans are formed inside, you can eat them as a fresh shelling bean. 

–Full Belly Farm