Yarn Gift Boxes

Full Belly is proud of our flock of approximately 200 sheep (Merino, Rambouillet, Lincoln, and Suffolk breeds) that are raised organically on open pasture eating a diet of post-harvest organic crops.  Rotating the sheep through each field after harvest aids in breaking down plant bio-mass, and increasing the fertility and biological activity in the soil.  In this way, the sheep play an integral part in our sustainable farm system.  


Rowan in his vest made with Full Belly yarn.

Our sheep are sheared once a year in May, before the temperatures in our small valley get too hot and the sheep become uncomfortable underneath their wooly pelts. The shearing is done on the farm with the participation of visiting school groups and farm apprentices, making it an educational experience.  After shearing, the wool is professionally processed. First it is washed and dried through a gentle, certified organic process using no chemicals or soaps that are harmful to the environment, the wool or the wearer.  The cleaned wool is then spun into three-ply skeins, preserving the natural color and rich texture of the original pelts.

Every step of this process ensures our end result: high-quality, all-natural, locally-raised, organic yarn perfect for knitting, crocheting or weaving.  Our Yarn Gift box contains three 4-oz skeins of our certified organic yarn – 2 of warm white and 1 of all natural brown. The box also contains instructions for knitting a hat and a scarf, bamboo knitting needles and information on our sheep and yarn. Cost is $45. Final deadline for orders is December 3. We can deliver to most CSA sites. Mailing is also available within the US for an additional $12/box. Sorry, no deliveries or shipping available after December 8th. Please email us your order.