This Week’s CSA Box

Veggie Tips


Basil – Don’t store your basil in the refrigerator; it doesn’t like the cold! Instead store on the counter in a glass of water and loosely cover with a plastic bag. You can make a big batch of pesto and store that in the refrigerator or freezer. Those basil flowers are edible and make a nice tea. See Recipe of the Week.


Grapes – These are red flame grapes. They make a tasty snack, fresh or frozen. If you’re looking for something a little fancier, you can roast grapes, for a crostini with basil, or for other uses, like these.


Melon – Mixed melon varieties. Use the melon page on our website to ID what you’ve got in your box. Melon generally doesn’t need much special preparation, but we do have many great recipes on our website. And if you needed yet another melon salad idea, here’s a refreshing one to try out.


Peppers – You’re getting Jimmy Nardellos in your box this week, a farm favorite. They’re a type of Italian frying pepper, and cook quickly fried on the stove with a little bit of butter or oil, whole or cut up. Start on high heat in a heavy pan and then cover and lower the heat after they brown a little bit. They also work well on the grill or with a quick pass under the broiler. Once cooked, there’s no shortage of good uses – on toast, in a grain and vegetable salad, with corn, or on a pizza. And they pair well with summer squash and potatoes. They also taste great raw. See Recipe of the Week.


Potatoes – Remember to store the potatoes in the refrigerator if not using immediately. See Recipe of the Week.


Summer Squash – Are you out of ideas yet for summer squash? Mix with other veggies (like peppers) with pasta or potatoes, eat raw with soy and sesame, or make tacos (with mole spices or chimichurri). See Recipe of the Week.


Tomatoes – They’re here! We’re so excited to finally have tomatoes in the boxes! You have so many great options for what to do with these. Tomatoes are best stored on the counter, in a cool spot, stem side down. There are certain conditions when you’d want them in the refrigerator, but in general you don’t. For more about tomato storage, we recommend this article for a quick summary and this one for a deep dive (that gets further into the nuances of when refrigeration is ok). Lots of good recipe ideas on our website. See Recipe of the Week.