Veggie Tips

Beets:  A trilogy of recipes on our web site fit this week’s box well — Roasted Beet Salad, Julienned Carrot Salad and Leeks Vinaigrette

Carrots: See our Recipe of the Week


Broccoli Raab or Mizuna:  These wonderful greens have some welcome winter bitterness in their flavor that we hope you enjoy.  Use like other greens, lightly cooked over rice or pasta.

Collards: Here is a delicious recipe for your collard greens: Heat some oil and cook some bacon until crisp.  Remove the bacon, add some chopped leeks to the pan and cook until tender.  Add a little bit of chopped garlic and cook until just fragrant.  Add the collard greens, coat them with the bacon fat, then add a cup of water or chicken broth, cover the pan, and simmer for 30 minutes.  Season with salt, pepper, a bit of lemon, and some red pepper flakes.  Add back the crumbled bacon.  

Leeks:  Leeks can be featured braised or in soup.  On the other hand, they are a great beginning to veggie stir fry.


Salad Mix/ Lettuce