Veggie Tips

Carrots: See our Recipe of the Week.

Oranges:  Delicious Washington navels, sweet and juicy.

Bok Choi:  Crispy stems and delicious sweet leaves make a wonderful contrast in a stir fry.  Include a little sesame oil, sesame seeds (see below, you can order some of ours!), ginger or garlic.

Collards: Collards can take a little bit more cooking than the Bok Choi – this is a hearty green. Try our collard casserole

Butternut Squash:  Our staple as far as winter squash goes.  We are alternating the weeks by switching out winter squash and potatoes in your box.  Butternut usually has a small seed cavity, so there is a lot of nutrition and energy packed into each squash.

Dill: Can be added to seafood, yogurt, potato salads, fresh-baked breads and soups.  It can also be used as a garnish like parsley.  Many herbs are full of anti-inflammatory and antiviral substances.

Leeks:  See our Recipe of the Week.  At this time of year we have spring onions, spring garlic and leeks all available from the Allium family.

Spinach: See our Recipe of the Week, or try making spinach flan!