Veggie Tips

Carrots: These are sweet and crisp.  Have them ready to snack on instead of candy or salty chips.

Oranges: Washington Navels, full of vitamin C and fiber.

Green Garlic: See our Recipe of the Week.  Green Garlic is picked before the bulb forms and dries down to the cloves many people are more familiar with.  Green garlic is milder than dry garlic. 

Kale and Mizuna: They say it is good to eat vegetables of all different colors — purple, green, red, etc.  Our kale this week provides some purple and the mizuna provides some green.  The mizuna is mild and delicious raw in a salad; lightly steamed for a side dish of greens; added to pasta; or in a miso soup.  

Butternut Squash: Even the seeds can be roasted and snacked on — this squash provides a hearty winter pack of nutrition and energy.  We have lots of recipes for the Winter Squash on our web site