Veggie Tips

Green Beans: Your box contains 1/2 pound. You can make a quick stir-fry to go over pasta by cutting the beans in half and frying them with garlic or onions, some herbs, a little bit of lemon and maybe some roasted nuts and cheese on the top.

Green Cabbage: Time for cole slaw, braised cabbage or a cabbage-based soup. Even a small batch of sauerkraut is pretty easy to make If you don’t eat your cabbage right away, no worries. It will store well in your refrigerator. 

Potatoes: These will store in the refrigerator, so if you haven’t been using them up each week, don’t worry. There are many great recipes for potatoes in the Full Belly recipe archive.

Sweet Corn: We haven’t grown much sweet corn for the last few years because of the drought. This year we are venturing back into some small plantings, with a bicolor variety that we have enjoyed in the past. There are yellow and white kernels. We do not grow the ‘super sweet’ varieties because we prefer the old-fashioned corn flavor. You can eat this raw right off the cob, or steam it for a few minutes. See this article for tips on cutting the kernels off the cob. Eat the corn early in the week – the sweetness turns to starch quite quickly. Store it in your refrigerator with the husk on.