Veggie Tips

Broccoli: There are lots of recipes for broccoli on our web site

Carrots:  We grow a variety called Nantes — our gold standard for carrots, especially sweet and crisp when the weather is cold.  If you start by eating one when you pick up the box, you may be lucky to get many of them home with you!

Watermelon Radish, aka Watermelon Daikon: Our friends at The Fruit Guys have shared a recipe for Watermelon Radish Citrus Salad.  This radish is an heirloom Chinese daikon that is good raw, roasted or quickly pickled.  Roasting it will enhance its sweetness and temper some of the spice.  See our Recipe of the Week for information about making quick pickles.

New Potatoes:  We are harvesting our potatoes before their skins have set, so if you see some scuffed-looking potatoes, don’t worry, they are not old!  New potatoes, no matter what size are creamy and tender. Because they haven’t been cured, they won’t last as long as regular potatoes and should be refrigerated.  They can be steamed and served with herb butter, or roasted with other root vegetables.

Kohlrabi: This sputnik-shaped vegetable can be eaten both raw or cooked. Peel back the outer layer to find the center of the of this delicious and crisp vegetable. Try slicing very thin, drizzle with olive oil and sea salt to add to your salad or even eaten raw! If you want to cook it try roasting or even add it to soup.