Veggie Tips – Tuesday & Wednesday Boxes

Dear loyal Thanksgiving week members,

All of you who are getting your CSA box some time between Friday 11/17 through Saturday 11/25 are going to receive our special Thanksgiving box.   Note that we are including 1/2-lb of walnuts in the box.  We are packing these in a zip lock bag.  If any of you have a nut allergy, we apologize, please let us know so that we can keep track of that for future reference. We usually put our nuts and sun dried fruit in your CSA boxes once or twice a year, usually around the holiday season.

Carrots – Included in this week’s Recipe of the Week.

Dill – Great with the potatoes, or perhaps as a substitute for the cilantro in our Recipe of the Week.

Potatoes -These freshly dug new potatoes are creamy and delicious. Since they are new potatoes, the skin hasn’t set. If they appear scuffed, don’t worry. 

Rutabagas – We have rutabaga recipes on our web site .  Rutabagas add a wonderful flavor to soups or roasted roots.

Walnuts – Ready for breakfast yogurt or chocolate chip cookies.  It is also easy to toast them on a baking sheet in the oven, or a pan on the stovetop.  The toasted walnuts can be sprinkled over salad.