Veggie Tips

Green Beans: We had green beans planted all summer but lost most of them to hungry deer. We are happy that we are now able to include them in your boxes. This is one of the crops that we plant mostly for CSA members and our farmers market customers. We pick the green beans by hand, which results in superior quality to machine-picked beans, but it increases the cost and makes them too expensive to sell to stores.

Beets: You have received Beets in the box for several weeks running. If you would like some great recipe ideas, visit our recipe archive.

Cherry Tomatoes: Probably the last for 2018!

Cranberry Beans: These wonderful fresh beans should be removed from their shells and cooked in water. While they are going to take less time to cook than dry beans, you should still make sure to cook them all the way through — at least 20 to 30 minutes.
Pomegranates: See the video on our website that describes how to easily remove the seeds.

Red Russian Kale: See our recipe of the week.

Mizuna: This mild green can be eaten raw in salads, or very lightly cooked. It goes well with sesame seeds or sesame oil.