Veggie Tips

Broccoli: Our first broccoli of the fall season is always a hit. Don’t be afraid to eat the stem as well. Once the skin is peeled off you can serve raw in a salad, roasted or stemmed with the rest of the broccoli. Once washed I love cutting the broccoli into big pieces and roasting in the oven. 

Pomegranates: You know it’s fall time when the pomegranates start to roll in. These are often enjoyed as a snack, but have the potential for much more. Cut them open and de-seed them in a big bowl of water. The seeds will sink to the bottom while the white pith floats to the top. Once separated these treats can go in salad, on top of desserts or over a bed of roasted winter squash. 

Red Kuri Squash: This squash is excellent when prepared in a soup as it has a nutty flavor and creamy texture. However, you can also cube it with the skin on and roast it in the oven. It can be kept simple with salt and olive oil to bring out the flavor or mix it up with some fun ingredients like cardamom. If your not sure what to do keep your squash on the counter, you have plenty of time to think about it.