Veggie Tips

Eggplant:  We have a great archive of 25 different eggplant recipes.

Mizuna: We are growing both green and red mizuna. You can lightly steam this in a pan using the water that stays on the leaves when you wash them.  Then add a little sesame, or olive oil, or soy sauce and you have a delicious side dish. Mizuna has a very mild flavor, so much so that it can be eaten raw as a salad green.  It is a great addition to pasta, or miso soup as well.

Hard Squash: We grow many varieties of hard squash and they become a staple of our meals in the fall and winter.  We make a lot of soups with them, but they are also a great vegetable to use when you want a quick and easy meal — just bake them until soft.  Hard squash does not need to be refrigerated!