Veggie Tips

Eggplant and Peppers: At my house, we’ve been grilling our vegetables a lot — partly to keep the heat out of the kitchen.  Slice  your veggies into 1/3-inch slices, sprinkle with salt and olive oil, grill them and then chop them up together to make a vegetable salad.  Add herbs like basil, peppermint or rosemary — a great way to enjoy the veggies.

Grapes and Sugar Plums:  I hope you are enjoying all of the fruit in your boxes. Our Grapes and Sugar Plums have been prolific.  The sugar plums are a variety that can be dried into prunes, but are also delicious fresh.

Delicata:  This is a light-textured squash that can be baked until soft at around 400° and eaten without much additional effort, skin and all.  A little butter, salt and pepper are the only other things that you really need.