Veggie Tips

This week we are sending you the perfect box for fixing a picnic salad — Tomatoes, cucumbers, a little onion and minced basil.

Cucumber: Cucumbers are low in calories (mostly water), but contain significant amounts of potassium which is often scarce in the US diet.  If you eat the peel of the Persian-type cucumbers, rinse the cucumber first.

Melon:  We have had a lot of melons and watermelons in the packing shed this summer.  We’re always opening them to taste and evaluate them.  Besides eating them straight off the vine, you can make aqua fresca with both watermelons and the cantaloupe-types.  

Last week’s figs: We apologize that a few of you got figs that were moldy last week.  It was a big disappointment to both you and us.  If you feel that you need a credit for the figs, let us know.  Managing so many different fresh crops, with varying temperature cooling needs can get challenging at this time of year.  Some of you thought that the figs must have been old, but in fact we pick and pack our fruit very fresh for the CSA boxes.  When picked ripe, figs will only last 3 or 4 days, so they are probably one of the first things you should eat if you get them in your box again. If they are very ripe, you should store them in the refrigerator.