Veggie Tips

Beets: Most of the recipes in the archive on our web site are about roasted beets.  But even easier is to steam them: Trim the beets, chop them into bite-size pieces and steam them until tender.  While still warm dress them with a vinaigrette which they will absorb as they cool. Or, for another idea, check our Pasta with Roasted Beet Sauce, a particular favorite:

Strawberries: We pick our strawberries ripe. Please eat them soon after they arrive, or put them in your refrigerator. If some of them get soft, we suggest that you make a smoothie: Blend together strawberries, milk and yogurt, optional dash of sugar and some ice.

Green Garlic: This garlic is more mature than the early spring green garlic.  You will notice that as the bulbs start forming, the garlic flavor becomes stronger.  There may even be a skin around the bulb that you need to remove – but still much less peeling than with mature garlic.

Dino Kale: That deep green color means that it is full of health-giving nutrition. You can steam it, add a few flavorings (lemon, sesame oil, salt and pepper) and add it to some rice for a quick and easy meal.

Lettuces: One of the more perishable items in your box. If you aren’t going to use it right away you might want to pat it dry with a paper towel before storing it in the plastic bag in your refrigerator.

Potatoes: These are uncured new potatoes, creamy and tender.  Note that unlike mature potatoes, these should be refrigerated. You will not need to peel them because the skins are thin, which explains why they sometimes get scuffed up.

Tokyo Turnips: Both the greens and the roots are edible. All you need to do with the turnips is slice them thin and sprinkle them with a light vinaigrette. They also work well as a roasted vegetable.