Veggie Tips

Basil: If you like pesto and have a bit of freezer space, you can make some pesto and freeze it for later use.  Basil doesn’t like to be stored with wet leaves.  Better in a cool place, like a flower bouquet in a vase of water.

Sweet Corn: This is a bicolor corn (with white and yellow kernels).  We try to choose corn varieties with a balance between corn and sweet flavors, which means that we don’t usually choose the ‘super sweet’ varieties (too sugary). We have found that our climate and location can make it difficult to grow sweet corn.  One of the things that can happen is that we can have a heat wave, and two weeks later we see corn ears that have ‘blanks’ — places where the silk has dried up before it can get pollinated.  There may be a few corn ears like that in your box— but we are putting in extra to compensate!

Summer Squash: How about some Summer Squash-Basil soup?  The basil, onions and squash can come straight from your box.