Veggie Tips

Fresh Cranberry Beans: 3/4-pound of cranberry beans in your box should shell out to about a cup of beans ready to cook.

Sweet Corn: Delicious Full Belly sweet corn was a cornerstone offering at our early Farmers Markets many summers ago. Sweet corn is difficult to grow organically in the Capay Valley because there is tremendous worm pressure here.  Early in the season, the worms are less of a problem.  We think the corn tastes better without the pesticides and we’re happy to cut off the tips in our own kitchens if we see any evidence of a worm.

Galia or Hercules Melon: If your melons are firm at the stem end, they can be left out on the counter — Otherwise, if they are fragrant and starting to soften at the stem end, they are better stored in the refrigerator. If your melon has a green flesh (especially around the edges) it is a Galia. If it has an orange flesh, it is a Hercules. The Galia was developed in Israel by a melon breeder who named it after his daughter.

Bell Pepper: This variety of bell pepper is called a Flamingo.  Your flamingo peppers can be eaten raw, or stuffed and baked.