Veggie Tips

Loose Beets:  These beets will store well in the refrigerator.  We have lots of great beet recipes in our recipe archive.

Carrots: Some of the carrots will be orange, others will be purple.  According to several authorities, purple carrots contain more alpha and beta carotene than the orange ones, as well as a greater quantity of antioxidants.  When you store your carrots in the refrigerator, take the tops off first.

Royal Blenheim Apricots: This apricot has a green shoulder and ripens from the inside, so it will be riper than it looks, and has a full apricot flavor even when it is still a little firm. This is an ancient and rare fruit, first officially identified at the Luxembourg Gardens in 1815.  If your apricots are firm when you get them, leave them on the counter.  Otherwise, refrigerate.

New Potatoes: These are fresh out of the ground. They will store well in the refrigerator.  No need to peel them, the skin is very tender, as is the flesh. Try cooking them with the carrots in broth as the base for a puréed vegetable soup.

Summer Squash:  Here’s a fun and simple summer squash recipe, but you will need to have a bit of peppermint on hand (preferably fresh). Also, see our recipe of the week.