Veggie Tips

This box is a mix of summer and spring.  You are getting summer basil and early peaches in the same box as carrots, collards and beets, which we think of as cool-weather crops.

Basil – One way to store basil is to treat it like a fresh bouquet of flowers. Put it in a glass of water, and keep it in a cool place.  It’s picky in its temperature requirements — not too cold, not too warm…  Ideal temperature is about 50 degrees. The leaves will turn brown if you get them wet or too cold during storage.

Collards – Southern style collard greens involve a long cooking period, with bacon and onion added to your sauté.  Great to cook with beans.

New Potatoes – These are fresh out of the ground! They will store well in the refrigerator.  No need to peel them, the skin is very tender, as is the flesh.