Veggie Tips

Green Cabbage: Our website has a wonderful archive of recipes for green cabbage.

Kohlrabi: The bulb, once you peel off the skin, is good both raw (crisp mild and pleasing) and cooked (like a broccoli stem).  The greens can be steamed or fried.  Use raw kohlrabi grated into a slaw, or sliced up and tossed into a salad.  We know people who shred it with egg and a bit of flour to make it into fritters (or potato-kohlrabi fritters!)

Fennel: We recently got the following letter from one of our members…  “I am a fennel-lover, but have picked up enough leftovers from others at our spot to know that other members are less enthused. We enjoy the taste, and I use fennel anywhere I might use celery – salads, soups, stews, stir fries… But last week I happened on a delicious use for the whole plant.  I chopped an entire bunch of fennel, several onions, and cooked them in olive oil with garlic until softened and slightly golden. Then added chopped tomatoes (mine were canned) and simmered on the lowest possible heat for several hours. I tossed in some thyme and this week would add basil. After several hours, I let it cool a bit, and then used my immersion blender to blend it into sauce. I made 6 quarts and used up all the fennel in the last couple weeks times two (as I always pick up at least one extra.) It’s thick (all that fennel) and tasty. Also vegan, which will be useful whenever vegan friends are coming to dinner.”

Garlic:  Our 2017 crop!  It is still a bit young and moist, not fully dry.  It will be fine on your counter top if you aren’t going to need it right away.

New Potatoes: These are freshly dug “new” potatoes, so be sure to store them in the refrigerator, preferably in a paper bag. They don’t do well with light and should be kept in the dark until you use them. If the skins are scuffed up, don’t worry.  That’s because the potatoes haven’t fully cured — the skins are very thin and tender.