Veggie Tips

Garlic — This garlic has started to bulb and cure, but it still moist so you should probably refrigerate it.  If the garlic in your box still has a long stem, you will notice that the stem has started to dry down.  We are clipping the stems off of most of the garlic as we prepare to stop irrigating, dry it down and cure it.

Lettuce – We’re packing the lettuce heads in paper because we have found that it travels better that way in our CSA boxes.  When you put it in your refrigerator, you might want to transfer it to a plastic bag if you don’t expect to use it all in a couple of days.

New Potatoes – These are fresh potatoes harvested before the skin has cured, so the skin can easily be scuffed up, which doesn’t affect the flavor one bit.  The skin is very thin, so you don’t even need to think about peeling these creamy treats.  Please keep these potatoes in the refrigerator and away from light.