Veggie Tips

Artichokes: Cut off the tips of the leaves, but keep the stem.  Swish the artichokes around in some water to clean them.  These artichokes are good cut in half, braised until tender then fried in olive oil and flavored with salt, pepper, parsley and red pepper flakes.

Dill: Use minced dill as a topping for your soups, salads, egg dishes, fish and potatoes.  The dill leaves can be mixed in with melted butter to make dill butter. Dill is usually not cooked — just added at the end of the cooking.

Spring Onions: If we don’t harvest them all, some of these fresh onions will continue to grow a big bulb and eventually will mature and become your dry onions.  They are a bit sweeter and milder than the cured, dry onions that you may be more familiar with.

Tokyo Turnips: the greens are delicious — mild and tender.  You can use the turnip bottoms a lot like radishes — they are very mild, delicious raw, or potentially great if you are making roasted vegetables.