Veggie Tips

Beets: Don’t throw out the leaves — they can be used in salads or fried in olive oil, garlic and other herbs with a bit of cream on top when you serve them.  Roast the roots wrapped in foil to bring out their sweetness.  Dill and yogurt pair well with beet roots.

Bok Choy:  There are many variants of bok choy — and we grow several of them at Full Belly.  Serve stir-fried bok choy with rice, meat or tofu.  A bit of sesame oil, if you have it, is a great addition.  You can also use it in soup, or over noodles.

Collards: After tearing or chopping up the leaves, you can boil the collards in a bit of water for about 10 minutes, then sauté with salt, pepper, herbs, garlic and lemon.  A great addition to an omelette!  

Spring Onions: These onions have been picked before they bulb and dry — they are the same plants that you will have later in the season as a dried root.  They are a bit sweeter and milder than the dried onions.