Veggie Tips

Radishes –  if you remove the leaves, the radishes will store longer.  Some of us think of radishes simply as part of a salad, but they can be added to sandwiches, sliced and herbed as a side appetizer (maybe with hard boiled eggs?) or quick-pickled. 

Oranges — These organic Valencia oranges are from a neighbor’s orchard. A farmer and fruit breeder in southern California created the Valencia orange, which is much later to mature than the Navel oranges we have been putting in your boxes in previous weeks.

Red Mizuna – An unusual form of the Asian green, this is mild but with enough flavor that it adds a lot to your salads.  You can also steam or lightly stir fry it.

Tokyo Turnips – the small amount of leaves on these bunches are easy to overlook — but even with a little bit of insect damage, they are tasty!  You can use these a lot like the radishes — they are very mild, delicious raw, or great if you are making roasted vegetables.

Rutabagas – a cross between a turnip and a cabbage, rutabaga can be cooked with potatoes or carrots, then add butter or cream, just as if you were making mashed potatoes.  A wonderful soup results if you first sauté the leek from your box, then add some stock and the chopped up carrots and rutabaga.  Once they are completely soft, puree it all and you will be forever looking for rutabagas when it is time to make a creamy soup — the rutabaga makes the soup silky and creamy.