Veggie Tips

Asparagus: Our asparagus is going to be fleeting this Spring — enjoy it while we have it!

Beets: See one of our favorite recipes for beets.  A beet is the same species as chard, just bred to have a larger root!

Savoy Cabbage: Full Belly grows a lot of Green Cabbage, but smaller quantities of Napa, Red and Savoy. Savoy is a very pretty cabbage, with its deeply wrinkled leaves. You can cook it the same way you use other winter greens — sliced into soups or as the base for a stir fry — this cabbage can be braised, roasted or boiled. The leaves can also be used to make cabbage rolls

Lettuce: If your lettuce seems too wet, drain the bag a bit before putting the lettuce in the refrigerator.