Veggie Tips

Carrots:  These aren’t just for munching straight out of the bag, grating into salads, or putting into soup.  Try making some carrot cake as well! 

Celery Root: This root has the flavor of celery, but a wonderful tender almost silky texture, especially when turned into a soup.

Oranges: Please refrigerate these oranges!

Collards: Our collards are one of the more hardy greens — a little more cooking, perhaps boiling or steaming in a bit of water (not a lot, you don’t want to loose any of those nutrients!)  Think about adding them to hearty bean soup!

Rosemary:  An excellent herb for your roasted vegetables.  Rosemary is a good addition to potatoes.  

Lettuce: We’re looking into purchasing a spinner so that we can dry your lettuce and salad mix before putting it into the boxes.  Meanwhile, if it seems quite moist in the plastic bag, you might want to shake off a bit of the moisture before refrigeration.