Veggie Tips

Collards: Collards are a hearty green that will stand up well to cooking for a little longer. Sauté it and then add liquid so that it can soften up.  With the cold, wet weather, many of our greens haven’t been growing much, so the leaves are small, but still tasty.

Bok Choy/Joi Choy:  Full Belly grows a number of Asian greens, and uses them somewhat interchangeably.  The stems are tender and crisp and part of the charm of some Asian dishes that use these greens is the contrast between the crisper stem and the well cooked, soft outer leaves.  Ginger, garlic and sesame oil pair well with these greens

Tokyo Turnips: These delicate young turnips can be eaten raw or very lightly steamed.  They are mild and best cooked very simply.