Veggie Tips

Green Cabbage: In The Art of Simple Food (Clarkson Potter Publishers, 2007), Alice Waters says “Cook simply… plan uncomplicated meals.  Let things taste of what they are.”  She suggests cutting a head of cabbage into wedges, removing the core and simmering it in broth until done. Or slicing the cabbage thin and cooking it in a pan with some butter, a little water and salt until tender.

Green Garlic: This is young garlic, harvested before maturity.  With time, if left in the ground, the bottom of these plants would grow into the cloves and bulbs of dry garlic. This fresh, or “green” garlic is milder than its adult form.  Be careful to wash the leaves, because the soil can get caught in between them.

Celery Root (also called celeriac): Trim the top and bottom and cut away the tough brown skin. The flavor of celery root and potato combine perfectly.  Celery root can also be eaten raw when made into a classic Celery Root Remoulade.