Veggie Tips

Broccoli – This broccoli has weathered a lot of rain and cold, but now it’s ready to eat!  We have lots of recipes for broccoli in our archive, including several soups.

Cilantro – widely employed in savory dishes in almost all parts of the world, especially Asia and Latin America.  Like other herbs, cilantro contains many compounds known to have disease preventing and health promoting properties.  Some people dislike cilantro and the scientists say that this is probably due to the smell (which is a surprisingly large factor in taste).  Great in burritos, or to season fish, tofu, eggs, beans or corn.  See our recipe for cilantro pesto, below (Note: Arugula can be used as a substitute for the cilantro in this recipe).

Rutabaga – a great storage crop, common in northern cuisines —  Russia, Denmark, Switzerland, Finland, Norway, Scotland, England and Wales. Roast it with potatoes and carrots, turn it into soup, make a mash with potatoes, or include it in stews and casseroles.