Veggie Tips

Cabbage: A delicate vegetable that can be led in numerous directions… Gently simmered or steamed and then topped with rosemary, blue cheese, and cream.  Shredded raw and massaged with salt and a bit of lemon. Parboiled in salted water for a few minutes, then tossed with olive oil and crushed garlic.  Kitchen wisdom is to avoid overcooking cabbage!

Bok Choy: Very popular in Asian cuisine, think about using this in a simple stir fry with garlic and sesame oil, served over rice. Morsels of meat can also be added.  The contrast between the crisp stems and the tender greens of bok choy is delicious in a stir fry. 

Scarlet Turnips: After describing a wonderful turnip soup made with Gruyere cheese and cream that she used to make at Green’s restaurant in San Francisco, Deborah Madison asks, “What was it that gave turnips such a bad name?” (Vegetable Literacy, Ten Speed Press, 2013).  Just try these scarlet turnips raw and you will be a convert.  You can make ¼-inch slices and enjoy them as a salad with roasted walnuts, feta cheese, salt, pepper, lemon and olive oil.