Veggie Tips

Nantes Carrots:  This variety is so crisp that they could never be harvested by machine (unlike most common supermarket varieties) because they would break.  The frosty weather has made them especially sweet this year, so we are sending them as a weekly treat.

Celery Root:  A variety of celery cultivated for it’s wonderful root, rather than for the shoots, although if you enjoy the celery flavor, don’t overlook the leaves and stems. It will store well — but you should remove the leaves if you aren’t going to eat it in a few days.  The first time I was introduced to celery root I made soup with it and felt as if I had made an incredible culinary discovery.

Mizuna:  I recently ate out at a restaurant and was served a delicious mizuna salad with vinaigrette dressing.  So fresh and delicious!