Veggie Tips

Navel Oranges: You will have navel oranges in your boxes every week for the next few months.  These oranges are from an orchard that we rent and have been managing for a decade.  An orange a day can help to keep the winter flu bugs away!

Honeynut Squash: We are coming to the end of our winter squash, and we hope you enjoy the last few weeks of deliveries.  If you are looking for a quick meal on a work night, this nutritious vegetable is the way to go. Just bake it until soft (not mushy), slice it up and serve it as a side dish, perhaps with a little bit of butter (and maybe honey…)  Honeynut is a lot like Butternut squash and can be used interchangeably.  For example, our recipe archive includes a recipe for Butternut Squash Casserole that also might be good with the spinach in your box this week.

Tokyo Turnips: The greens on our turnips are a little beaten up by the weather, but still delicious.  The roots are mild, crips and versatile.  Try them raw — you may be surprised at how good they are that way.  They can be used raw like a radish, on salads.  They are also good roasted, or added to soup.