Veggie Tips

Roasted Roots:  Your box this week contains several items that you can use in your Thanksgiving roasted roots.  Combine the Carrots, Butternut Squash and Potatoes.  Aim for soft interior and crispy skin, with a deep roasted sweetness and flavor.

Broccoli: Check out this fun 2013 article about broccoli in the NY Times.  Advertising executives gave their first impressions of broccoli: “Overcooked, soggy.” “Hiding under cheese.” “Told not to leave the table until I eat it.”  Full Belly CSA members beg to differ, right?

Carrots: These are variety called Nantes.  At this time of year, with cold weather, they are absolutely terrific.  Make sure to just try some of them straight from the bunch.  If you’re going to store them, remove the tops.

Peppers: These are the last of our Spanish Bells, with flavor like a bell pepper.  They are suitable for stuffing.  Our recipe calls for parsley (in this week’s box) and tomatoes (not!)  Some cooked cubes of the winter squash might be a good substitute.