Veggie Tips

Napa Cabbage: In Asian cuisines, Napa Cabbage can be made into a salad by shredding the cabbage and combining with some roasted almonds, and sesame seeds, flavored with soy sauce, oil and vinegar. This web page has some great ideas for using your Napa cabbage.

Watermelon Daikon Radish:  Daikon radishes are used all over the world in many ways — not just on top of salads.  Slice them lengthwise with lime or lemon and salt, add them to miso soup, roast them with other veggies or place them in thin slices on top of a buttered baguette!  

Fennel: If you are using fennel in salad, you  might want to think about slicing it fairly thin.  Here is a recipe for Portuguese Fennel Soup that uses the fennel fronds and the bulb, as well as other veggies common in your CSA box at this time of year — garlic, cabbage and potatoes. Anthony’s Fennel Slaw, using lemon and a hard cheese is probably one of our all time favorite ways to use fennel.