Veggie Tips

Pomegranates: There is a video on our web site showing you one easy way to seed a pomegranate.  You can keep the seeds in the refrigerator in a covered container, or leave them out as a snack.  If you get your box every other week, you are on the pomegranate schedule — let us know if you would like to get on a different plan…

Karinata Kale: This is a very special kale grown only by two Capay Valley farms. It is a cross between red Russian kale and Mustard. Lately I’ve been chopping up my greens, then cooking them in a bit of water flavored with apple cider vinegar, or some other acid like lemon or wine vinegar.  When they’ve absorbed most of the water, you can add a bit of butter and stir fry them for a few minutes. 

Leeks: Cut the leeks lengthwise to clean them.  Then put the two sides back on top of one another to chop and you have pretty, perfect sized half rounds!

Potatoes: These potatoes should be treated like a fresh vegetable rather than a storage vegetable — put them in the refrigerator and don’t leave them in light.  The skins have not ‘set,’ so don’t worry if they get scuffed up— the potato is tender and creamy.

Salad Mix/Lettuce: If your salad mix or lettuce is wet when it arrives, you might want to shake out some of the excess water — we do try to do that at the farm, but sometimes we don’t have time to dry the lettuce properly.  At some time we may invest in an industrial-size salad mix drier.  The salad mix is one of the most fragile things in your box this week — eat it first!