Veggie Tips

Mizuna: This is an Asian green, very mild and can be eaten raw or cooked.You can add it to your salad or put it in a miso soup. Or you can steam it very lightly and toss it with your pasta and fresh parmesan.

Golden Nugget Winter Squash: You can store your squash on the counter in a cool dry place.  It should be good for several weeks if you don’t use it right away.  

Salad Mix: If your salad mix looks wet when it arrives, it wouldn’t hurt to shake out some of the excess water — we try to do that at the farm, but sometimes we don’t get it all out.  The salad mix is one of the things that you should think about eating earlier rather than later in the week.  We don’t treat it with chlorine like they do the bagged mixes in the stores.

Tokyo Turnips: Separate the green tops from the bottoms.  These mild turnips are delicious cut up in rectangles, lightly salted (to wilt them like a quick pickle) and then served with a little bit of lime or lemon juice.  The turnips, once separated from their greens will store well.  The greens are delicious — don’t forget them in your refrigerator!