Veggie Tips

Beets: Beet greens are very similar to chard.  The roots will store longer than the greens, especially if you cut the greens off before you store them.

Pomegranates: There is a video on our web site showing you one easy way to seed a pomegranate.  You can keep the seeds in the refrigerator in a covered container, or leave them out as a snack.

Leeks: We usually provide a vegetable from the allium family year-round.  We have heard that a few of you have had enough of the garlic, and our onions are a little bit small, so we’re moving on.  A good way to clean the leeks is to cut them in half lengthwise and rinse out any soil that was trapped in the layers. We have a nice list of recipes that use leeks on our web site and the Leeks Vinaigrette features them as the main attraction.