Veggie Tips

This is a wonderful moment in the march of the vegetables through the seasons — we have summer and fall vegetables at the same time in your Box…

Watermelon Radish (also known as Red Daikon): It is probably not quite time to make roasted vegetables (red daikon is very good roasted), so you may want to try our Miso Soup with Kale and Daikon, a simple, quick recipe.  Daikon radishes are ubiquitous in Asian cuisine and a worthy vegetable to get to know.  

Bok Choy: Another Asian green, also easy for you to use.  Bok Choy is often served with rice.  The stalks are meant to be a little bit crisp after you cut up the leaves and stir fry them.  Salt, garlic and a little sesame oil (if you have it) will make this a delicious vegetable dish.  Add some tofu and you have a complete meal.

Buttercup Squash:  We grow many different varieties of winter squash. There are smaller varieties like Sweet Dumpling and Delicata that have lighter colored flesh and thinner skin (you can eat the skin on all of the winter squash, but especially these two).  We also grow the well-known varieties like Butternut and Acorn, available in most stores.  For several years we have grown a smaller version of butternut, called honeynut — you are likely to see that in your boxes soon.  Green Kabocha and Red Kabocha have deeper colored, earthier flesh.  Your squash this week is Buttercup — more like the Kabocha than the Delicata. It is a hearty squash that can be eaten straight out of the oven after roasting, or made into a soup.

Parsley: Chimichurri sauce, green sauce (with avocados, cilantro, jalapeño, lime, olive oil, nuts), or as a flavoring for the greens, or veggie bowls that you make during the week.  Parsley is a superfood — very nutritious.