Veggie Tips

Corn: Here’s a way to remove the kernels from the cob: Boil the corn IN ITS HUSK for 8 minutes.  Then remove the husk and wipe down the corn with a kitchen rag to remove the silks.  Then cut off the kernels.  Note that you may need to tip the corn (cut off the tip) because of the corn ear worm — which is easy before you take of the husk.  Just feel to see how far down the ear the damage is.

Chard: The chard is a sign that the days are getting shorter — but not yet a whole lot cooler.  You will be able to taste the difference when the weather cools down and brings out a little additional sweetness. Here are a some simple recipes for chard from the Full Belly archive: Sautéed Chard with Lemon and Hot PepperFrittata with Swiss ChardPasta with Chard and Feta CheeseWilted Chard Salad with Walnuts and Asian Pears