Veggie Tips

Grapes: We grow many different varieties of table grape and our feeling is that this has been a really good year for flavor. Grapes are loaded with nutrients and antioxidants (especially in the seeds and skin). Research suggests that grapes play a role in eye health and it is known that the potassium they contain protects people from high blood pressure.

Acorn Squash: We wanted to give you something different, and there has been a hint of fall in the air (9/22 is the official 1st day of Fall), so we hope that you will enjoy a taste of the hard squash harvest.  You can easily bake the Acorn Squash until it is completely soft, slice it up, and have it as an easy, nutritious side dish.

Peppers: These flamingo peppers are good for stuffing – bake them with some rice, browned beef, tomatoes and a bit of cheese on top.