Veggie Tips

Peppers: The peppers in your box are called Gypsy Peppers.  As the summer continues, their color will change from yellow to orange to red, getting sweeter each week.  Gypsy peppers have slightly thinner walls and skin than bell peppers.  They are great for roasting, grilling and stuffing.

Tomatoes: We grow many types of tomatoes, but a lot are heirlooms – they come in many colors and shapes, each one an individual.  Heirlooms are often this way – with a lot of natural variation in the plants in the field.  Some of you have asked why it is that Full Belly sends the more ‘regular’ and standard-looking tomatoes to our store accounts.  It is true that the stores demand those tomatoes – but we discount the more interesting ones and send bigger bags to our CSA members.  We hope that you enjoy them! These are best stored in a cool place, but not so cold as your refrigerator.

Cucumbers: Who needs lettuce when you can make your salad with cucumbers and tomatoes? I usually add chopped fresh herbs like basil or parsley.  Diced onion, marinated for a few minutes in the vinaigrette salad dressing is also delicious.