Veggie Tips

Cabbage: This Blue Vantage variety of cabbage is coming out of its storage in our cooler. We hope that you agree that it is nice to have something green along with summer sweetness.  Think about shredding up the cabbage to use in some fish or vegetarian tacos.  Sprinkle it with salt and lime/or lemon and let it marinade and wilt for a few minutes prior to using it in the tacos. The cabbage will last for some time in your refrigerator.

Corn: Last week we wrote about the corn earworm (go to the Farm News page of our web site and look at last week’s newsletter).  There will sometimes be earworms in the tips of your corn.  Just cut off the tips if you feel the worms there.  Here is a good way to cut the corn off the cob.

Tomatoes: They have arrived. Full steam ahead.