Veggie Notes

Strawberries: We pick our strawberries ripe! Please eat them soon after they arrive, or put them in your refrigerator. If some of them get soft, add them to a smoothie, or smush them onto your toast for instant strawberry jam!

Collards: One of the heavier greens, so when you get ready to cook them, think of southern recipes and add bacon, garlic and onion.  Maybe cook them in chicken broth, or with some smoked meat.  These greens are best when cooked for longer than the light chards and kales.

Potatoes: Roasted in the oven, then flavored with a bit of cheese, salt and olive oil, these are guaranteed to satisfy. They are uncured new potatoes, creamy and tender. Note that unlike mature potatoes, these need to be refrigerated. You will not need to peel them because the skins are thin, which explains why they sometimes get scuffed

Tokyo Turnips: Eat both the greens and the roots. This turnip is very mild — so much so that you can eat it raw, or chopped up with a little vinaigrette splashed on top. Also great roasted or lightly steamed.