Veggie Notes

Green Beans: The first green beans of the year!  This Blue-Lake-type variety is called Savannah.  If you cook them, just do it for a short time!

Cabbage: What a perfect size this green cabbage is! Cabbage is one of the vegetables that really grows on you once you realize how versatile and easy it is.  It will store well for awhile in your refrigerator.  It can be wilted for a crowd-pleasing salad, made into coleslaw, added to soups, or braised as in the simple recipe on our web site Butter Braised Cabbage.

Peaches: This variety is called Brittney Lane, a yellow-fleshed early maturing peach.

Garlic: The Full Belly garlic crop of 2016 has completed its journey from clove, to green garlic, to bulbed-but-not-fully-dried garlic, to a cured garlic head that you find in your CSA box. These bulbs will be fine stored on the counter.  For a special treat, roast them in the oven and squish them out of the skin when they are soft and delicious.