Wilted Savoy Cabbage Salad


1 cabbage

oil and vinegar dressing

some spicy brown-style mustard, or Dijon mustard



Cut the cabbage in half and trim out the core. Thinly slice as much of the cabbage as you think you will want to serve. Note that it is going to lose volume, so be generous with the portions. Put the sliced up cabbage into a wide bowl.

Next get a small amount of salt. Less than 1/2 teaspoon is all you need for a small cabbage. Sprinkle a bit of the salt on the chopped up cabbage and gently massage it into the leaves. Repeat with a bit more salt. This will take less than a minute -- just a short massage! Now let the cabbage sit for about 10 minutes.

While the cabbage sits, make an oil and vinegar dressing. If you have some spicy brown-style mustard, or Dijon mustard, put some of that into the dressing. Check the cabbage – squeeze it and pour out any water that has accumulated. Taste the cabbage for salt – if you want to rinse off the salt, do so, otherwise, the cabbage is ready!

recipe type
quick + easy