Arugula or Mizuna Salad with Tokyo Turnips and Shaved Artichokes

The base for this recipe is adapted from the Zuni Cafe Cookbook, by the venerable Judy Rodgers.  I made a few changes to better fit with what you are getting in your box this week!


4-6 fresh mint leaves

6 tablespoons olive oil

1 1/2 tablespoons red wine vinegar


arugula or mizuna (about 4 oz)

2-3 tokyo turnips, leaves and tails trimmed

2 artichokes, outer leaves removed and cored, hearts sliced very thinly with a mandolin or chef’s knife (This ingredient is optional. Yes, you are using these raw!)

2 ounces feta cheese 

fresh black pepper

12 small black olives (nicoise or greek)


Coarsely chop the mint leaves.  Combine with the oil, vinegar and salt to taste.  Pour about 1/3 of the vinaigrette over the arugula or mizuna.  Slice the tokyo turnips into coins, and add the turnips and artichokes to the salad.  Drizzle with the remaining vinaigrette and fold it all together gently but thoroughly.  Crumble the feta over the salad, add a few grinds of black pepper, and fold again to distribute.  Taste and add more salt, vinegar or pepper to taste.  Garnish with the olives.

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